Education Services

Our decades of experience can assist schools and post-secondary institutions with program development, curriculum development, leadership coaching, accreditation coaching, recruiting and fundraising strategies, and more. Our team has designed, planned, and launched new colleges and seminaries, and helped existing institutions with their operations, management, governance, recruiting, fundraising, and accreditation preparation.

Culture Building

Let us help your organization build a robust Christian culture. We provide team-building training & resolve personal & organizational conflicts in a Christ-honoring & effective manner. We offer governance-executive-administration-staff development strategies. With our extensive experience in educational institutions, ministries, and businesses, we know how organizational cultures can go sideways sometimes. And we know how to (re)build them to a cruciform character with renewed Kingdom zeal .

Board Training & Development

Nicea consultants have been there and done that on education and non-profit organization boards. Our experienced team provides board training, assists with governance and leadership transitions, designs and refines governance policies and strategies, and evaluates the Christian integrity of institutions or businesses. We have worked with boards. We have been on boards. We know that many Christian institutions have struggled or some even died because of poor board governance. Let us help your board be a model of good governance and faithful organizational leadership.

Business Services

We help businesses with organizational development, executive coaching, strategic planning, crisis management, human resources management, risk management, management-labor relations, leadership transition, interim executive supply, and more. We know businesses and organizations, what makes them successful, and what doesn't. We know that the best of Christian intentions are no substitute for clear Christian principles, policies, and practices across all phases of a god-honoring organization. Let us help your business and organization to that end.

PR & Marketing

Let us help you grow your organization through clean, clear and fresh marketing concepts. Our experienced team understands changing times, changing conditions, and the importance of reaching the right audiences with the right message and call to action. You can advance your organizational identity, services, and reach through our creative marketing solutions and social media savvy. Let us show you how.

Strategic Planning

Losing organizational focus and direction can be catastrophic. Our experienced team can help you get your organization back on track, the right way, by helping clarify your vision and mission, and by aligning your teams to perform optimally in concert with them. We have built strategic plans and know what is helpful and efficient, and what is a bureaucratic waste of your time. Let us help you build smart and truly helpful, measurable strategic plans that will bless your whole organization and your clients.
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Biblical Principles

Nicea Group consultations are grounded on biblical principles so we can assist your Christian organization to strengthen its institutional faithfulness and performance effectiveness.

Experienced Executive Consultants

Our consulting team members have been CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, College Presidents, Board Members, and Accreditation Commissioners. Been there, done that. We've faced most of your problems and have the experience to help you through them.

Timely Performance

Nicea Group is committed to serving our clients in a timely and efficient manner that helps you on your schedule and time frame.

Christ-Centered Consulting

Kingdom first. In Everything.