About Us

The Nicea Group is a consulting firm dedicated to improving the performance of Christian colleges, schools, ministries, and businesses. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience as Christian college presidents, board members, classical school administrators, and business executives to assist Christian organizations through our consulting and mentoring services.

Our Mission: Helping Christian organizations become more effective and faithful.

Our Name: The Nicea Group takes its name from the Council of Nicea (A.D. 325), one of the great ecumenical councils of the early Christian church. The Nicea Council was called together to solve various challenges of mission, vision and practice within the early church. It articulated how Christ was both man and God, providing one of the earliest formulations of the doctrine of the unity and diversity of the Holy Trinity as later expressed in the Nicene Creed. In that same spirit, the Nicea Group provides consulting services to help Christian organizations, especially those which embrace the “mere Christianity” found in the Nicene Creed, to overcome their challenges and to encourage them to become more faithful and effective in their unity and diversity for achieving their missions.

Our Values


We are committed to performing our work and encouraging our clients to have Christ-like honesty and integrity in word and deed.


We encourage the unity of the Christian community with all our clients who profess the Christian faith, summarized by the Nicene Creed.


We seek to provide high quality advice and counsel and to encourage our clients also to provide high quality services and products of high value.


We are devoted to speaking the truth clearly and in love, giving unambiguous counsel, and encouraging our clients to serve their stakeholders with equal clarity.


We seek to serve our clients faithfully, as unto Christ, according to His Word and to encourage our clients to do likewise.


We are committed to helping our clients accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently through a multitude of godly counselors, recognized experts, global leaders, and experienced consultants who are tried and tested in their respective fields.
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Helping Christian organizations become more effective and faithful